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We are busy at work trying to keep you and your families up-to-date with the most recent news and happenings from our PTA.

Our goal and mission is for the PTA to be a powerful voice for ALL children. We strive to be a relevant resource for families in our community, and to be a stong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

A huge goal we are working on this year is increasing parental involvement in our school. There are many ways to be involved in your children’s school.  At Blue Heron, we have several events throughout the year to participate in. Whether you are a work-on-the-sidelines kind of parent or a direct-hands-on parent, there is a job for you.  Research shows how important parental involvement is – check out this video Parent Involvement Matters!

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Please email us at if you find you are able to help the PTA out in anyway possible!

Thank You,

Melissa Kirkpatrick – PTA President


Ride for Blue Heron Elementary!


End of the Year Skate City Party


The Last Skate Party for this school year!!!!! Don’t miss this fun event on the Early Release Day, April 28th.  Let your kids ride the bus or bring a carload and meet us there.  Extra copies of the permission slip can be found here —see you there!


Blue Heron Garden Summer Sign Up

Summer break is almost here!  The Blue Heron Garden is recruiting families to help maintain and harvest our garden over the summer!  The garden will need to have weeds pulled and you get to keep any riped fruits or vegetables for your time!  Please click on the link if you are able to help out!

Thank you!

Jamey Zurcher –


Moms & Muffins April 25th, 2017

*****  This is a pre-paid event and tickets must be purchased online, no cash will be taken at the door! Please click on this link to purchase tickets **********


PTA board positions open for the 2017-2018 year.

The PTA is looking for a few good men and women to join our board next school year.  The commitment is small but the impact is INCREDIBLE!  Please consider running for one of these awesome positions.  All organization documentation is stored electronically.  Most of the work can be done from home or your personal phone.  The current Board members are willing to mentor and support new incoming board members.  Click the links to learn more and read the job descriptions.  Board members will be voted for during May’s PTA meeting.
Your current Board is made up of busy, working out-of-the-home moms who understand the demands of home and work. We are part of the PTA because we believe in our school and how important the partnership is between school and community.
Who we are:

Melissa Kirkpatrick, PTA President and School Social Worker

Sarah Cosgrove, Vice President and Small Business Owner

Erin Singrin, Co-Treasurer and Small Business Owner
Tanya Torstenson, Co-Treasurer and Realtor
Lisa Wera, PTA Secretary, BHAC chair and Retail garden Center Buyer and Manager
Claudia Brunner, Vice President of Fundraising
Thank you!
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
~Elizabeth Andrew


The Blue Heron Elementary Garden

Do you like to play in the dirt?  We are looking for volunteers starting the week of March 20th and April 10th, to start the planting season for the Blue Heron Garden!    We are need of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to help in your child’s classroom with seed planting.  The process is easy,  fun and a great way to make an impact in our community.  If interested contact Jamey at
‘The love of gardening is a seed sown once that never dies.’ – Gertude Jekyll


PTA Meetings

Mark your calendars with this year’s new PTA times and dates.pta-meeting

Meetings are open to all parents, you do not need to be an official PTA dues paying member to attend.  However, only members who are current on their dues are allowed to vote on official matters.  Dues are only $10 a year and can be paid using the attached form and dropping off  your cash or check to the PTA mailbox near the main office doors.  Additionally you can also pay online here

As always, there will be free childcare provided for Blue Heron school-age children. We hope to see you at the meetings and look forward to your participation!

                   Sept. 6, Tuesday 6:15-7:30 PM  School Library          

                  Oct. 4, Tuesday 3:45-5:15 PM    School Library       

                      Nov. 1, Tuesday 6:15-7: 30 PM    School Library      

               Dec 6, Tuesday 3:45-5:15 PM School Library           

                  Feb. 7, Tuesday 6:15-7:30 PM   School Library                   

                   Mar. 7, Tuesday 3:45-5-15 PM    School Library       

                              Apr. 4, Tuesday 6:15-7:30 PM  School Library     

                              May 2, Tuesday 3:45-5-:15 PM  School Library 



Why wait? Join Today!



It’s that time of the year…time to join your Blue Heron PTA!  The PTA depends on the donations of our families to continue to offer incredible programs and events for our school community such as the Fall Festival, Father Daughter Dance, science fair, Dads & Donuts, Restaurant Nights.  Your donations and involvement have allowed us to give the school monies from

  • Academic Support:  Technology , Subscriptions, Class Resources
  • Community Events:  Breakfasts, Dances, Fall Festival     
  • Passive Fundraising:  King Soopers cards, Box Tops, Employer matches, cash donations, etc.   
  • Fundraisers:  Restaurant Nights, Fall Fundraiser,  Mardi Gras, Walkathon, Skate City
  • PTA Admin:  Membership dues, supplies, copies, insurance, school directory
  • School Service / Support: EduKits, Spirit Wears

Thank you in advance for your membership and donation!

Complete your PTA membership

Donate direct to PTA


Kings Soopers Cards


Blue Heron PTA and Kings Soopers Program

Everyone needs groceries and gas, why not give 5% of your purchases to our school?

It is as easy as: PURCHASE, LOAD, SHOP…

PURCHASE – simply purchase your re-loadable King Soopers card from the PTA through the link below for $5.  You will receive $5 dollars on the card, so essentially your card is free.  Please encourage family and friends to also purchase King Soopers gift cards through our school! Don’t forget to let them know that they can reload the card at the register and continue to support our school.

LOAD – you can reload (add value to) your card indefinitely at the register or Customer Service Desk  or register for any amount up to $500, you may use your debit or credit card to load. Tell the cashier that you would like to add money to your gift card BEFORE they ring up your groceries then pay with your gift card.  You can also use the gift card for gas at King Soopers.

SHOP – KEEP YOUR CARD and use it whenever you shop or BUY GAS at Kings Soopers.  Gift cards may be used at City Market Fuel Centers and are accepted at most Kroger affiliated stores through the U.S. Each time we reach $5,000 as a group, King Soopers sends a 5% check to our PTA!


There is no cost to you or to the PTA and our children will reap the benefits!  Thank you for supporting your PTA!

Purchase your King Soopers card(s) online here!  They will be sent home in your child’s Friday Folder

Please contact Lisa Wera at 303-507-9317 or

Fall Catalog Fundraiser

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