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We are busy at work trying to keep you and your families up-to-date with the most recent news and happenings from our PTA.

Our goal and mission is for the PTA to be a powerful voice for ALL children. We strive to be a relevant resource for families in our community, and to be a stong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

A huge goal we are working on this year is increasing parental involvement in our school. There are many ways to be involved in your children’s school.  At Blue Heron, we have several events throughout the year to participate in. Whether you are a work-on-the-sidelines kind of parent or a direct-hands-on parent, there is a job for you.  Research shows how important parental involvement is – check out this video Parent Involvement Matters!

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Please email us at if you find you are able to help the PTA out in anyway possible!

Thank You,

Melissa Kirkpatrick and Lisa Wera PTA Co-Presidents


Winter Break Math Skills Bootcamp

Winter Break Math Skills Bootcamps!

Fractions! Multiplication! Division! Finger Counting! Oh My!

Whatever area of arithmetic your child needs a bit of help with, winter break is the perfect time to work on just those skills!

With no math homework to worry about it’s the perfect opportunity to focus!

Two options available!

1-week Math Skills Brush Up $108 p.p. 2-week Math Skills Intensive $189 p.p.

Both options include:

  • Tour of the Center
  • Personal Workout Binder
  • Grade appropriate material from our proprietary curriculum
  • One-on-one instruction
  •   Math games
  • Math homework help
  • Gift from our student rewards cabinet and a . . .


Complimentary Math Assessment which includes:

  • Tour of the Center
  • 15-20 minutes to get to know your child
  • 60 to 90-minute diagnostic math assessments – verbal and written
  • Analysis of your child’s strengths and challenges in math as well as your child’s
  • optimal learning-style


After scoring the assessment, you receive the following Free bonuses:

  • 30-60 minute follow up consultation
  • Chart of your child’s assessment results
  • Print out of our custom-tailored learning plan
  • specifically created for your child
  • Grade appropriate math tips booklet


  • 4 hours of one-on-one instruction (Brush Up)
  • 9 hours of one-on-one instruction (Intensive)

The Fine Print

Package must be pre-paid before starting

May purchase through 12/31/2017

All Sessions must be used by January 15, 2018

Where: Mathnasium of Littleton

7735 W Long Dr #2




Tis the Season!

Come join us for an improptu PTA meeting at Lucha Cantina at 6 pm!  There will be no formal business meeting, just to celebrate the upcoming holidays and Winter break. Lucha Cantina is located at 8026 W. Bowles Ave, in Littleton.


Skate City Party

This is a private skate party for Blue Heron Families only.  Let your kids ride the Skate City bus or drive them yourself and join in the fun.  This is a great time for beginner skaters because its a smaller crowd.  The bus picks up students right after 3:30 dismissal and will return back to the school between 6 and 6:15.  All bus riders will need to have a signed permission slip —  Teachers DO NOT collect the slips or any money for this event.  Just send all money, permission slips (and skates if bringing your own) directly with your child on Thur. Please be on time to pick up your child if he/she is riding the bus back to the school.  Students can also be picked up right from Skate City.  If we have at least 125 paid skaters (students and parents count), the class with the highest attendance will win the Golden Skate Trophy AND $100!  If you have any questions, please call Lisa at 303-507-9317





Movie “Wonder” Fundraiser

Have you heard about the book Wonder? It is now a major motion picture! This weekend is the opening weekend, and every ticket that is purchased through Filmraiser for Blue Heron Elementary this weekend will earn us a $1 that we will use for more technology! Please share this with friends and family that might also be interested in purchasing tickets. It is easy and can be used anywhere!


Blue Heron EARNS $1.00 FOR EVERY MOVIE TICKET bought by supporters of your school or cause.

  • ALL WEEKEND LONG (Thursday through Sunday).
  • AT ANY THEATER showing the film, nationwide.
  • NO LIMIT on ticket sales.
  • With tickets for sale IN ADVANCE.
  • FRIENDS & FAMILY IN OTHER CITIES can see the movie too and support your cause.

When and How?

  1. OPENING WEEKEND: Nov 17th, 18th, and 19th




Help Wanted !!!!!!!

Blue Heron is in need of a few good volunteers!

*Room Parent Coordinator organizes all of the room parents for the school and takes the stress out of volunteering! They will send out reminders about upcoming holiday parties and offer suggestions and ideas for those parties. Additionally, they’ll help facilitate reminders for teacher appreciation week, ideas for gift giving and other duties as needed.  This job can be done from the comfort of your own home, by yourself or with a friend and last year’s coordinator saved all of her notes so there is minimal need to start from scratch.  

*School Yearbook Co-Chair to help Ms Pearcy put together all of the fun candid shots.  This is another job that can be done from home.  

*Edukit Program Coordinator helps with the paperwork for the company that offers parents a convenient way to purchase all of the school supplies and delivers them by the first day of school.  This involves some time this spring and fall of 2018.  

Treasurer or Co-Treasurers for the 2018-2019 school year!  The current Treasurers will be done with their 2 year positions and would be happy to start showing someone how easy the job is.

Please contact us for more info on any of the above positions.


Grant Proposal Meeting

Last Monday the grant committee listened to 11 proposals that staff members had submitted to the PTA for funding.  These included requests for more books in classrooms, “in-house” field trips, math manipulatives, playground equipment, and professional development. We were able to approve every request for a total amount of over $5000!! Thank you for your continued support of our school!


Where does the money go?

Paid PTA members will be voting on how our grant money will be distributed at our September 11th meeting at 345 pm in the library.  If you would like to give input or participate in the decision making.  Please sign up to become a paid member of PTA!


Why wait? Join Today!



It’s that time of the year…time to join your Blue Heron PTA!  The PTA depends on the donations of our families to continue to offer incredible programs and events for our school community such as the Fall Festival, Father Daughter Dance, science fair, Dads & Donuts, Restaurant Nights.  Your donations and involvement have allowed us to give the school monies from

  • Academic Support:  Technology , Subscriptions, Class Resources
  • Community Events:  Breakfasts, Dances, Fall Festival     
  • Passive Fundraising:  King Soopers cards, Box Tops, Employer matches, cash donations, etc.   
  • Fundraisers:  Restaurant Nights, Fall Fundraiser,  Mardi Gras, Walkathon, Skate City
  • PTA Admin:  Membership dues, supplies, copies, insurance, school directory
  • School Service / Support: EduKits, Spirit Wears

Thank you in advance for your membership and donation!

Complete your PTA membership

Donate direct to PTA


Kings Soopers Cards


Blue Heron PTA and Kings Soopers Program

Everyone needs groceries and gas, why not give 5% of your purchases to our school?

It is as easy as: PURCHASE, LOAD, SHOP…

PURCHASE – simply purchase your re-loadable King Soopers card from the PTA through the link below for $5.  You will receive $5 dollars on the card, so essentially your card is free.  Please encourage family and friends to also purchase King Soopers gift cards through our school! Don’t forget to let them know that they can reload the card at the register and continue to support our school.

LOAD – you can reload (add value to) your card indefinitely at the register or Customer Service Desk  or register for any amount up to $500, you may use your debit or credit card to load. Tell the cashier that you would like to add money to your gift card BEFORE they ring up your groceries then pay with your gift card.  You can also use the gift card for gas at King Soopers.

SHOP – KEEP YOUR CARD and use it whenever you shop or BUY GAS at Kings Soopers.  Gift cards may be used at City Market Fuel Centers and are accepted at most Kroger affiliated stores through the U.S. Each time we reach $5,000 as a group, King Soopers sends a 5% check to our PTA!


There is no cost to you or to the PTA and our children will reap the benefits!  Thank you for supporting your PTA!

Purchase your King Soopers card(s) online here!  They will be sent home in your child’s Friday Folder

Please contact Lisa Wera at 303-507-9317 or

Fall Catalog Fundraiser

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